When dating websites first hit the scene, much of the public reacted with skepticism or outrage. What’s wrong with the old ways people used to meet? The internet couldn’t possibly be as good a matchmaker as Maggy from the office! You’d have to desperate/pathetic to use an online dating site! Love is expressed in X’s and O’s not 0’s and 1’s!” All of these objections were quickly proven ridiculous, and no one was able to dispel the obvious fact the internet is a great way to be connected to networks of available, likeminded people and streamline the dating process considerably. Online dating is now a billion dollar industry and one of the dominant forces in the dating world.

The next frontier is the public discourse over Adult Dating Sites, who, like their predecessors, have to contend with the skepticism and ignorance of the assembled public. What are adult dating sites? Who is on them? Which ones are the best? Are they safe? Is this perverted? Make no mistake, despite the hoopla, controversy, and supposed moral implications of adult dating sites, they are a very simple thing with a very simple purpose which is pertinent to everyone, and they actually have a simpler and more realistic set of expectations than regular dating sites.

At AdultsDatingSites.org, we are dedicated to helping our readers see past the misconceptions and skepticism associated with Adult Dating Sites, and learn how to use them effectively. Our purpose is to promote safety, educate people about the differences between dating site and adult dating sites, and teach our users the appropriate methods to use them and locate sexual partners. Because the bottom line is that humans are sexual beings, and there is no reason to act otherwise right when the internet is opening up doors which could potentially make being sexually active better than ever.

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Sex Statistics

200 calories are burned by the average person during 30 minutes of sexual intercourse.
The average person has sex 103 times per year.
The average couple spends 20 minutes on foreplay.
48% of Americans are satisfied with their sex lives.
Source: Woman's Day

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