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1. This website was created when the founders of realized that there were actual two different kinds of friends in this world. Just your plain old high school variety, and the f*** friend. is one of the more controversial adult dating websites on the Internet, as it may sound great in theory, and is run by the media big wigs of Penthouse magazine. However, it has been plagued with disappointment by some of its members. None-the-less, it is still one of the oldest and well connected adult dating websites around, and is worth at least a look.
2. If you are looking for cuddling, teddy bear holding, and long walks along the beach, then turn and run as fast as you can from This online dating service is all about compatibility, preferences, and integrity. And they are referring to how compatible are your sex styles? How do you prefer to “give it” (or get it), and what is the integrity of the support system of the sex net hanging in your living room window.
3. Got marriage? Well, if it be an unhappy one, Ashley Madison may be able to help you put the bing back in your bada, the criss back in your cross, and the “S” back in your soon to be ex! This website specializes in some of the more discrete encounters, including adulterous husbands, cheating wives, and those who have always wanted to experience the “reality” of a cyber (webcam) affair.
4. The internet has brought us the virtual cheater, who may be able to get away with a lot; quite simply because they aren’t really doing anything, other than getting it on with their computer screen. has a membership reach across the world, enabling an affair to take place on the opposite end of the poles, or on the opposite end of town. The website has been around since 2010, and offers a viable solution to an orgy, or hanging out with Pee Wee Herman in the back alleys of an adult movie theaters (peep show).
5. Let’s face it, if you’re looking for members of the same sex, there are not a lot of choices out there. All dating websites offer the search tools, but there are not many dedicated sites. offers a quick way to leap into same-sex dating, and not have to worry about “who is” or “who might be” gay. Each profile makes it quite clear of the ones who are just interested, currently in the closet, or hanging out in the breeze waiting for their ship (full of same sex sailors) to come in. is the host behind this website, and they did a great job of organizing it to make it easy and friendly to navigate.
6. SugarDaddy owns one of the best domain names, and they have been sprinkling sugar around the world since 2002. The membership is relatively low cost, creating a profile takes less than five minutes, and there is no financial verification process, so all daddies can dream as big as their bankroll imaginations will allow.
7. Are you interested in making your dating life a more lucrative experience? Or perhaps you never feel like you never spend enough money on a first date? If you answered yes to either of these questions, may be the adult dating website you’ve been dreaming of…. and what’s more, it is 100 percent legal, and you won’t have to take a road trip to Nevada to experience it. If you’re worried what your mom might say, consider the idea that looking for a date with dollars signs is not knocking love; it is making its entrance more efficient. Think about it this way. What is one of the biggest arguments in every relationship? Money, right? Well, “Money is something that people ought to be talking about up front,” says Brandon Wade, the websites founder. “If people did this, I think a lot of relationship issues might be solved.” He’s got a point. Now onto the details of this one-of-a-kind adult dating website.
8. The bare asses and cleavage on the front cover of the website should say it all. You can skip right past the flowers, dinner, and tickets to some magician in Las Vegas. You are here for sex, so there is no need to put your best foot forward, unless you’re into that sort of thing (foot fetish). does just what it advertises. It brings consenting adults together for a little romper room time. What’s more, some of the kinky photos displayed from its members will have you turning your monitor on its side, just to verify that you can actually fit such an object into such a small compartment using only a little Vaseline. Warning: This website is for the hardcore sex junky, so all eHarmony castaways, enter if you dare!
9. has been around awhile, and has established itself as one of the longstanding methods to find a quick sexual partner, whether you’re single, attached, or a member of a kinky polygamy cult. This is one of the few adult dating sites that actually allows you to get somewhere with a free membership, as it does allow you to contact a member at least once (depending on the special they are running on any particular month). However, this is where our praise stops, and our real experiences with this website begins.
10. The famous goes porno, and has opened up their rule book to include a plethora of pleasures, including Lesbian couple requests (an automatic threesome), webcam sex, and your own XXX video vault (if you strike out).
11. When was the last time you received a lump of monkey manure in your X-mas stocking for being naughty? Probably never, because there ain’t no Santa Claus. The truth is, the people who are really naughty, end up rewarded with lots and lots of sex. has sex to offer, but you’re going to have to be dirty enough to deserve it. This is not one of the most popular adult dating sites, but it does have the tools to get the job done.
12. has been creating matches for 15 years, and they don’t appear to be slowing down. The website has a nice look, is easy to navigate, and seems to have a reasonable choice of members in most cities. Allow us to give you some of its highlights.
13. rewards you throughout the profile completion. A virtual stripper will take you through the process, and gradually shed her clothing until you reach the end, which is choosing your profile handle and password. Don’t think that this will be the last batch of skin you’ll see, as a bikini is about the most clothing you’ll find on any of these models. We say models, as we were suspicious about the reality of a few of our matches.
14. is referring to the alternative lifestyle of those who prefer whips to lace, leather to silk, and cactus arms to butterfly wings. Adult dating takes on a new meaning with this fetish dating website, which is certainly not for the faint of heart.
15. If you’re a guy, and at least peaking outside of the closet door, is designed to get you all the way out, by introducing you to some attractive, gay, transexual, or bisexual guys in your area. Even if there is nobody in your immediate location, you can still have fun on webcams, watching videos, and chatting with others who have your same passion for a hot bod. Think of this website as an all-you-can-eat buffet, considering you can sample a little bit of everything, including erotic chat, 1-on-1 sex, group sex, bondage, cross-dressing, sadism, and other unmentionables. This website is by the producers of the popular Keep in mind, this is predominantly for those looking for no-strings-attached sex, and not hand-holding along the seaside.
16. Before logging onto this website for the first time, you are given a hint that you are about to proceed into a world where unicorns and fairies are barbequed over an open flame. Where behind every closed bedroom door hides two handcuffs, 20 feet of rope, one gerbil, a funnel, and Richard Gere.
17. stands for the how quickly you will find love on here. We can certainly vouch for the quickness of signing up, which took all of three minutes. Finding love… now that was another experience all together.
18. Peter Gabriel sung about how boring “the book of love” is. Well, if that is true, a book of sex would have to be so much better. What is a book of sex, besides a host of horny singles (or wish they were single) looking to get laid? Let’s find out.
19. A lot of adult websites pride themselves in their millions of members. realizes that it makes no difference how many sexually open men and women live in Guam. If your local place of residence is Durango, Colorado, then that is really the only number you should care about.
20. (Swingers Date Club) When looking for sex, swingers are a few of our favorite group of people to put our faith into, as sex is something that they do, and do well! According to the people who have been in the scene awhile, is one of the premier forums for swingers around the world, and will most likely not disappoint.
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