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Best Adult Dating Sites
by AdultDatingSites.org Staff
Girl working with laptop

1. AdultFriendFinder.com This website was created when the founders of FriendFinder.com realized that there were actual two different kinds of friends in this world. Just your plain old high school variety, and the f*** friend. Adultfriendfinder.com is one of the more controversial adult dating websites on the Internet, as it may sound great in theory, and is run by the media big wigs of Penthouse magazine. However, it has been plagued with disappointment by some of its members. None-the-less, it is still one of the oldest and well connected adult dating websites around, and is worth at least a look. 2. GetItOn.com If you are looking for cuddling, teddy bear holding, and long walks along the beach, then turn and run as fast as you can from Getiton.com. This online dating service is all about compatibility, preferences, and integrity. And they are referring to how compatible are your sex styles? How do you prefer to “give it” (or get it), and what is the integrity of the support system of the sex net hanging in your living room window. 3. AshleyMadison.com Got marriage? Well, if it be an unhappy one, Ashley Madison may be able to help you put the …

How To Stay Safe With Online Dating
by AdultDatingSites.org Staff
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Playing It Smart: Staying Safe With Online Dating Introduction Sexual frustration (even emotional alienation) has its upper limit. A human being can only bear it for so long before passively waiting for “the one” becomes a torturous ordeal. And we’ve all been curious (though skeptical) as to what’s out there on the great wide web. Fear not! You can certainly use online dating to achieve the results you’re seeking, no matter what you’re seeking. Though the internet can definitely lead you to hotties you’re trying to seduce, it’s important to utilize some crucial safety procedures. Fortunately, we’ve made this quick list of dos and don’ts for all your online dating experience. Visual Confirmation Ah, what an age of technology we live in! You can see a person in a completely different house to make sure they’re the hot blonde you’ve been swapping photos with. Try having a few conversations to avoid being defrauded by generic video conversations. It’s important to know that the person is who they say they are; we’ve certainly all heard stories of someone being tricked or scammed because they weren’t cautious enough. If you can confirm your date’s identity beforehand, though, you can focus on more …

Five Best Benefits of a Casual Relationship
by AdultDatingSites.org Staff

No Strings, No Commitments, No Problems: Breaking Down Casual Relationships Introduction Callous as your friends may sound when they recommend you get back on that pony and ride, there may be some kernel of sage wisdom in their incessant Bro-isms. For starters, sex is good for your physical and emotional health—at least when you take certain precautions. Plus, how else are you going to get high fives? By being impressive? Hardly! So get ready for all the fun without all the hassle. Yes, the casual fling, the benefriends, the booty call… really, there’s nothing wrong with it. But here are the five things that are most awesome about it. Free Time to Be an Independent Person with Independent Thoughts While you should be nice and respectful to your lady love or lad l’amour, when you’re not in a relationship you’re under no obligation to mindlessly jabber on a daily basis. I’m sure every woman wants to hear about my sports team just as much as I want to hear about all the cute things her cat did today. When your conversations begin to resemble headlines and/or twitter feeds, you’ll wish you hadn’t put a ring on it. Instead, base your …

Advantage to Becoming an Evolved Man: Interview with Charles J. Orlando, Author of The Problem with Women is Men
by AdultDatingSites.org Staff
Charles J. Orlando

Interviewed by Eric J. Leech   Charles J. Orlando is what you’d call a relationship expert and social inspirationalist. However, where you have most likely heard of him is through his acclaimed relationship book series, The Problem with Women… is Men. Before you get your boxers in a bunch, you should know that Charles does not actually think that men are always the Ogre in every bad relationship. In fact, as long as a man is honest with what he wants from the start, it’s pretty much anything goes, as far as Charles is concerned. After going deep undercover on AshleyMadison.com, Charles came away with an understanding of what men do that really ticks women off. Now, I’ve read all that mumbo-jumbo in Cosmo, Oprah, and Elle, and quite frankly; I can’t understand what all the fuss is about. Yeah, we don’t always lift the seat; we don’t listen to every word you say (just the ones we like- sex, beer, sleep, etc.), and if we’re tired after sex, damn it, we just might roll over and go to sleep. This is why we couldn’t wait to get some straight answers from a guy… who, well, understands what it’s like …

Be the Strong Man Every Women Wants: Interview with Author, Elliott Katz
by AdultDatingSites.org Staff
Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants

Interviewed by Eric J. Leech Elliott Katz is the author of Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom on Being a Man. After the end of his relationship, Elliott went on a journey seeking the wisdom on how to be a man. He was amazed by the insights he found along the way, and shares them in his book. Originally, the book was meant for himself a few of his close friends. Then, Elliott realized the book represented something that any man could benefit from. If you are a guy who has experienced the feeling of being disrespected by the women in your relationships, perhaps you’re not acting like the man she needs you to be. We ask Elliott to explain more about what he learned, and how any guy can reclaim his leadership, decisiveness, and inner strength. There is no special diet or weightlifting involved; it all begins with the mental decision to act like a man. Adultdatingsites: In dating situations, What is the biggest complaint you hear from women? Elliott Katz (EK): A man asks a woman out and expects her to plan where they’re going. I couldn’t count the number of single women who say …

Chemistry, Sex, and Adult Dating: Interview with Erica Black Author, Speaker, Creator of 1st Date
by AdultDatingSites.org Staff
Erica with title

Interviewed by Eric J. Leech Erica Black is a dating expert who has traveled across the world, and discovered that success in dating is a combination of polished social skills, playfulness (i.e. cheeky smack), confidence, and a vibrant personality. While there may not be a shortcut to achieving these characteristics, Erica’s online programs – exclusively men-only + women-only – available through her site 1stdate.com.au, believes that anyone can be a sexy, confident dating partner, and you don’t need a list of workout programs, corny pickup lines, or cheap tricks to get there. We tunneled our way through the center of the earth, to find ourselves on this Aussie’s back porch, where we asked her to share some of her key strategies to pursuing sex and chemistry on adult dating sites.   Adultdatingsites.org: What do you think women are really looking for when frequenting adult dating websites? Is it just sex, or something else?   Erica Black (EB): There are different forms of adult sites. If you are referring to sites that are aimed at just getting sex (the “let’s-just-fuck” sites), then, more than likely, those women are: Living overseas, in challenging circumstances, and looking for a man with money to get …

Ricky Bledsoe (a.k.a. The Penis Guru) Interview: How to Compensate for a Small Penis?
by AdultDatingSites.org Staff

Got small penis? Most every guy has stared down at his winky, and wondered why in the hell it had to be so small. For one thing, your viewing angle is not optimal. Another thing is that surveys suggest only 40 percent of average-sized men are satisfied with their Peppy, which according to the National Health Services (NHS), should stretch somewhere between 5.5 to 6.3 inches when excited. For the majority of women, inserting an airline jet into Mount Saint Helens is exciting enough. However, if your 747 jet looks more like something fashioned by the Wright brothers using a few leftover parts from your gene pool, Ricky Bledsoe, author of Penis Envy, may be able to help. Ricky’s early sexual experiences were just as traumatizing as anyone else. Perhaps, even more so, considering one woman pointed out his manhood was as satisfying as a stick of gum. Okay, to be truer to his feelings, a stick of gum that was previously chewed, pulled in half, and squished to the carpet of a New Yorker Taxi cab for three weeks. This is around the time Ricky realized he had two choices. Either put out five figures to have his Johnson …

10 Differences Between Traditional and Adult Dating Sites
by AdultDatingSites.org Staff

While sites like eHarmony, Match.com, AdultFriendFinder and Sexsearch all offer companionship for loveless people, there is one big difference—sex. Match and eHarmony are traditional dating sites that concentrate on pairing people with similar personalities and lifestyles. AdultFriendFinder and SexSearch are focused on connecting folks who are looking for casual sex. These sites offer a free basic membership, but you must have a paid account to contact other members. With a basic account, you can search for potential matches. The rationale is that once you see how many matches you find, you’ll want to join so you can contact the matches. All these sites cost about $30 per month. eHarmony and Match rely on a long questionnaire to establish a profile for potential partners. They ask questions about goals, likes/dislikes, sense of humor and favorite movies. Adult sites also have a questionnaire, but theirs are based on your favorite sexual positions, your body type and how often you have sex. The sex-based sites offer guarantees that their members will find a partner for sex if they follow the rules of the site. eHarmony and Match offer no guarantees. They concentrate on a deeper, interpersonal connection that could lead to long-term relationships …

Are there people on adult dating sites look for long term relationships?
by AdultDatingSites.org Staff

Before joining an online dating site, it’s important to understand what other users are looking to find. Some adults solely use online dating websites to find short-term partners, while others are interested in finding relationships that will last. Though users with smarmy profiles may disillusion those who want to find long-term relationships, many people ultimately use dating sites to search for life partners. Online dating websites are one of the best ways for users to connect with new people and to find partners whose interests are compatible with their own. People who are skeptical of online dating often believe that most users are interested in casual encounters and short-term connections. They might think that people are unable to find real love on the Internet and stereotype users, branding individuals who have online dating profiles with unfavorable labels and negative stigmas. However, many people have found stable, loving relationships through the Internet. Viewing a potential date’s online profile in advance allows a user to narrow down his or her selections and to spend time on dates with people who seem like good matches. Dating websites also make it easy for people who are interested in the same types of relationships to …

Finding a Fling: Cocktails or Computers?
by AdultDatingSites.org Staff

Men and women alike sometimes want something a little more straightforward than dating, and if an overnight companion is the goal there are generally two ways to approach the search: online or in a bar. There are, of course, pros and cons to both methods and different factors such as time, “choosiness” and personal circumstances can affect the outcome, but overall turning to the keyboard is usually a safer and more reliable route to take. See and Be Seen Emailing pictures, “Skyping” through video chat programs and even using voice chat programs can help you get to know your potential partner before you connect in real life. Technology has advanced to the point where current pictures can be easily taken and sent through cell phones. This availability virtually eliminates the chance of a disappointing first meeting when your fling might not look like his or her single static dating site picture. Don’t like what you see or hear? Just disconnect – no more awkward moments in the bar to worry about. Diversify Without Worry At a bar, you can only really chat with one potential fling at a time. On a computer screen, you’re able to open up several different …

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