Finding a Fling: Cocktails or Computers?

iStock_000002645096XSmallMen and women alike sometimes want something a little more straightforward than dating, and if an overnight companion is the goal there are generally two ways to approach the search: online or in a bar. There are, of course, pros and cons to both methods and different factors such as time, “choosiness” and personal circumstances can affect the outcome, but overall turning to the keyboard is usually a safer and more reliable route to take.

See and Be Seen

Emailing pictures, “Skyping” through video chat programs and even using voice chat programs can help you get to know your potential partner before you connect in real life. Technology has advanced to the point where current pictures can be easily taken and sent through cell phones. This availability virtually eliminates the chance of a disappointing first meeting when your fling might not look like his or her single static dating site picture. Don’t like what you see or hear? Just disconnect – no more awkward moments in the bar to worry about.

Diversify Without Worry

At a bar, you can only really chat with one potential fling at a time. On a computer screen, you’re able to open up several different chat windows at once, increasing your chances at finding the perfect fling to spice up your evening. This way, there’s no hurt feelings and no “what if?” wondering about that handsome stranger that slipped out while Mr. Wrong was talking your ear off over drinks.

Personal Safety

Whenever you’re meeting someone new, whether it be for a casual fling or something more lasting, you should always let someone know who you will be with and where you can be reached. Finding a fling online leaves an inherent “paper trail” that tends to keep the undesirables in check, and ensures that no one can follow you to your car if your rejection doesn’t quite get through to them. Connecting online also significantly reduces the chance that your drink at the bar will be tampered with, ensuring that you’ll have a clear head for mutual and consensual fun.

Finding lust on the world wide web is growing easier every day, so why not take a shot? There are literally millions of open-minded passion seekers online, dwarfing the potential pool of partners at your local bar. Don’t settle for the best you can find at the bar, look to your computer instead for real attraction.


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