Five Best Benefits of a Casual Relationship

iStock_000019779325XSmallNo Strings, No Commitments, No Problems: Breaking Down Casual Relationships


Callous as your friends may sound when they recommend you get back on that pony and ride, there may be some kernel of sage wisdom in their incessant Bro-isms. For starters, sex is good for your physical and emotional health—at least when you take certain precautions. Plus, how else are you going to get high fives? By being impressive? Hardly! So get ready for all the fun without all the hassle. Yes, the casual fling, the benefriends, the booty call… really, there’s nothing wrong with it. But here are the five things that are most awesome about it.

Free Time to Be an Independent Person with Independent Thoughts

While you should be nice and respectful to your lady love or lad l’amour, when you’re not in a relationship you’re under no obligation to mindlessly jabber on a daily basis. I’m sure every woman wants to hear about my sports team just as much as I want to hear about all the cute things her cat did today. When your conversations begin to resemble headlines and/or twitter feeds, you’ll wish you hadn’t put a ring on it. Instead, base your casual relationship on series of in-jokes and a reasonable schedule.

All of the Sugar, None of the Spice

Again, unless you’re Tooly McGee and you just can’t help but prey on women’s/men’s vulnerabilities, a casual relationship allows you to be friendly and intimate. Your casual partner is probably more likely to be open to a date that involves shooting pool than a serious partner would ever be. This means that you can be fun and comfortable and (most importantly) yourself. The sex is a perk (and a great one) on top of great friendship, ideally. Still, when you take him or her to bed, you may want to hide your binkie.

No Expensive Gift Exchanges

While receiving expensive gifts from a sweetheart is endearing for obvious reasons, reciprocating is always hard on the pocket books. Often times, a bus ticket to a new town (and a new life) is much less expensive than those designer sunglasses or jewelry or whatever accessories she has her eyes on. (We’re equal opportunists here, so if you’re a lady reading this, substitute: Avenged Seven Fold tattoo/ truck shocks/ power tools.) With a no strings attached arrangement, though, the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy is a replacement t-shirt for the one you ripped off of them.

Holiday Planning is Incredibly Streamlined

Same old story: Your folks live in Portland, and hers live in Prague. What are you to do? Not worry in the slightest! And if your families are both local, you still don’t have to worry about having four halves of two meals at two or three houses (like you would with a significant other). In fact, it’s bonus that you don’t have to awkwardly discuss Jets football with her diehard (and apparently oblivious) father. She won’t have to have an awkward conversation with your mother about staying home to raise children.

Sleeping In Your Own Bed, Alone

If you’ve ever been in a committed relationship with someone who only has a twin-sized mattress, you know exactly why this is important. Unless you like back spasms and playing human tetris, you probably despise trying to get comfortable with someone else’s body and limbs in the way. Oh, and what’s the reward for all your dedication and cramping for the one you love? Two sets of morning breath. Delicious. With a casual relationship, you can have your fun and go separate ways. Go home and sprawl out on your appropriately sized bed, give your binkie a good squeeze, and go to sleep with a smile on your face. And minty fresh breath.

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